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Reading Recap

Hello there. I'm way off track yet again, and to be very honest I do not feel like blogging right now. My day job has been so busy lately, I hardly have a moment away from my computer or my phone all day long. So in the evenings, like today, I do not want to be here typing. It doesn't matter that I'd love to tell you all about the books I've been reading that I never get around to reviewing anymore. I just don't want to be typing right now. My eyes are squinting and my head is saying, Go to sleep!! But here's a quick update because I can't let this blog completely fall away from me. Blog events and challenges Last week was the annual FrightFall Read-a-Thon hosted by Michelle at Seasons of Reading. This year, I participated solely through Facebook because it's just easier these days for me. I did read one creepy book, The Dinner by Herman Koch. It wasn't horror but some of the characters did some horrible things, and thrillers do count! I al