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Book Review: Hot Start by David Freed

When big game hunter Roy Hollister and his beautiful wife are killed, it's not much of a surprise since so many people hated him for organizing hunting parties to kill innocent animals. But when Dino Birch, an animal rights activist is arrested for the murders, Cordell Logan finds himself in the middle of the investigation. Birch is related to Logan's ex-father-in-law, who convinces Logan to look into whether he really is guilty. Things get much more complicated when a popular congressman and a call girl ring work their way into the story. By then, it's too late for Logan to disengage. Hot Start is the fifth novel in David Freed's Cordell Logan series about ex-government assassin, aspiring Buddhist and flight instructor Logan. I read the first book, Flat Spi n, a few years ago and enjoyed it. This latest novel is even better than the first. The storyline itself was complex enough to keep me guessing as to who actually killed the Hollisters, but light enough to mak

Summer recap

And another month has gone by without a peep from me. I sure have been enjoying my summer, though. Tomorrow, the kids start a new school year and things may get back to a normal routine in my house. Perhaps that will extend to a normal routine on my blog too. I've been blogging here for just about 8 years and I don't want to stop sharing my thoughts on books, so I'll find a way! Last summer, we went on several big trips; this summer we went on just one: NYC in June. Other than that it's been mostly a staycation for my kids and I think they've really enjoyed it. Yes, there was lots of screen time for Carter, but they had fun with their friends and read a ton of books and M enjoyed a few weeks of camp. I think we'd all rate it as a good break. Now it's back to school ~ 7th and 4th this year!! It's hard to believe when I started this blog, Carter was just learning to read and M was a toddler! What I'm reading In August, I read four books. I

Book Review: Wars of the Roses: Bloodline by Conn Iggulden

Today, I'm excited to welcome back my good friend Kelly Gropp, founder/blogger/editor of Chubs Lived Here lifestyle blog. Kelly is here to review Wars of the Roses: Bloodline by Conn Iggulden. About the reviewer: Kelly has nearly done it all yet is still plugging away at her bucket list with style! Kelly is an imperfect DIYer who refuses to hang up her tool belt, and is a struggling runner who has committed to finishing a 5K in every state. She is your neighbor, your co-worker, and your best friend. Her career as a legal secretary at one of the country’s top international law firms doesn’t keep her from reading and writing for enjoyment, decorating and redecorating, advocating for pit bull type dogs, and sharing the mishmash we call life. Oh, she is a cancer survivor too! You’ll be entertained as you follow Kelly’s journey at Chubs Lived Here . Review of Wars of the Roses: Bloodline by Conn Iggulden By Kelly Gropp A king is being held in the tower, another claims the th