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Connect with me on social media ... because I'm too tired to blog

It's getting late and I'm getting tired. It's day 19 of NaBloPoMo. I was going to write a review today of The Secret Place by Tana French. I loved the book, so I want to write a good review. And I'm just too tired at this point.

Instead, I'm writing a quick post about how you can connect with on social media. Because I really don't have anything else in my mind at the moment! And I can't give in and not post. Not after 18 days straight. I apologize. But here you go. And hopefully someone will find this helpful.

I'm on Twitter @MyBookRetreat.
I'm on Facebook too!
I'm also on Goodreads, where I post all of my reviews.

I do have a Pinterest account, but I honestly don't use it much. You'll see I have boards for gifts for a 7 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. My kids are 10 and 7 now... But you're welcome to connect with me there. And maybe I'll start pinning stuff again. On a related note, I don't have the energy to find a picture to put on this blog, but I don't think it's very "pinnable" anyway.

Thank you to all of my followers, whether you visit me here or on one of the social channels. It's nice to get to know so many people, and I hope I've led you toward some great books!


  1. Yay for perservering through. I know it's getting tough to plow through and keep writing. But at least now I'm following you on Goodreads and Pinterest too :)

    Way to go in getting it done! I look forward to your review of The Secret Place, whenever you get to it.

    1. I'm determined. And glad it looks like this was actually a useful post! I'm really hoping to write that review today. First, I have a full day of "real" work, during which I'm doing a bunch of writing. I think that's what is causing me to not want to write as much in the evenings.

  2. Added you on FB and GoodReads, because I've 'been there' (about the tiredness). Tried to add you on Twitter, but they won't let me follow any more folks until more follow me. *sigh* Keep on! :O)


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