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Week in Review

       For those that celebrate: Merry Christmas a couple days early! I'm sure I won't be blogging again before Christmas since we have a lot planned. We're having about 20 people over tomorrow night for a Christmas Eve party. Then we'll be hanging around and enjoying our Christmas day in our pjs for the most part! Last week, I got one review done. I reviewed Who Asked You? by Terry McMillan. I have two more reviews to write but didn't get to them yet. I started my Christmas reading last week, and finished Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wright. I also read Wonderstruck by Ben Selznick. It's a really long book but I read it in just two sittings. It's a very quick read despite its size. Now I'm reading Twas the Night Before: A Love Story by Jerry B. Jenkins. C read another Battle of the Books selection: Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen. Now he only has one more book left to read for the Battle: Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George. As

Book Review: Who Asked You? by Terry McMillan

Betty Jean has a lot on her plate. First of all, her husband is pretty much bedridden with dementia. Then there are her children. Trinetta is hooked on drugs, Dexter is in jail, and Quentin is doing everything he can to forget where he came from. Then Trinetta drops her two kids off with Betty Jean and never comes back. She suddenly has a sick husband and two little boys to care for, all while working full time, delivering room service at a local hotel. Who Asked You? by Terry McMillan is a novel about family and friendship. It's about the sacrifices we make for those we love. It's about the judgements we make on our own family and friends, and the importance of doing what we think is right. McMillan tells the story from multiple perspectives; we actually hear from 15 different characters throughout the story. But Betty Jean is at the center of it all. My favorite books are those that really get into the characters, and Who Asked You? does just that. The characters, th

Week in Review

       Good morning. I hope you had a nice week. I got some reading done and that makes me happy! Now it's time to write some reviews. I also finished most of my Christmas shopping, which makes me even happier! I did review one book this past week: A Very Fuddles Christmas by Frans Vischer. It's an adorable Christmas picture book. I have another children's book to review and an adult fiction book to review this week. I finally finished reading Who Asked You? by Terry McMillan and I really enjoyed it. I'd say it was one of my favorites from this past year. It's a fairly easy read and I enjoyed the characters. I'll write my review later this week. Now I'm starting my Christmas reading with Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wright. I also picked up Wonderstruck by Ben Selznick from the library on a whim. So I'll be reading that this week as well. C finished reading Zora and Me by Victoria Bond. He seemed to enjoy this one, even though it was a

Book Review: A Very Fuddles Christmas by Frans Vischer

We had the pleasure of reading an adorable new Christmas picture book last week. A Very Fuddles Christmas is written and illustrated by Frans Vischer. It's a story of a fat, pampered cat named Fuddles who has quite an adventure at Christmastime. He climbs a tree, braves the snow outside and even falls down the chimney! But in the end, he returns to his pampered lifestyle. This was a charming story. My mother and my daughter read it first, alternating pages. M, who is 6 1/2, said she loved the funny cat. My mom loved the illustrations ~ Fuddles' face is so very expressive. Both of my kids thought the best part of the book was when Fuddles went down the chimney! I loved that this story brought back memories of the cats I had as pets when I was a child. The silly things that Fuddles does are the very things that most cats do when the Christmas decorations and snow take over their world. Anyone who has ever owned a cat will be able to relate to this story! I'm happy to

Week(s) in Review

       It's been a couple of weeks again. I appreciate those of you who stick around with my sporadic blogging!! We've been quite busy here lately. Last time I wrote was the day before Thanksgiving. We had some friends and family over for the holiday and it was a nice time. Then I got sick for a week. That was not a nice time! I have been trying to run every day since Thanksgiving, but I missed three days, mostly because of illness. I've also been busy with my son's tennis lessons, daughter's dance lessons, son's piano recital, Christmas shopping, work, and myriad other things. Needless to say, my reading update isn't much of an update! I've been reading Who Asked You? by Terry McMillan for two weeks now and can't seem to get past halfway. This is not to say that I'm not enjoying it. Actually, I really like it. I just haven't had a lot of time to read recently. I did post a review of The Tulip Eaters by Antoinette van Heugten. An