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What My Children Are Reading This Week

This week has been a very children's book focused week at My Book Retreat! I was reading the same adult book all week, so I took the time to write a couple reviews of children's books.

First, I wrote a review of Glamour Girl from the Stars by Carlton Scott. It has a strong message about being yourself and not worrying if you look different than others. The story itself was a bit over M's head, but if you have older girls, you may want to check it out.

ChalkI also reviewed Chalk by Bill Thomsom. This is a book we just happened to find at the library this week and we all loved it! It's a wordless book about a group of kids who go to a park, start drawing with chalk and soon discover that whatever they draw comes to life. It will especially appeal to kids who love dinosaurs, although neither of my kids is into dinos and they loved it.

Every Autumn Comes the BearAnother book we got at the library is Every Autumn Comes the Bear by Jim Arnosky. M loves stories about bears, and she likes this one as well. It's the story of a bear who comes to the woods behind the narrator's farm every fall. The bear checks out the other animals and wanders through different parts of the woods, until the ground is covered in snow. Then he finds a den and goes to sleep for the winter. This one is good for younger kids because there isn't a lot of text, but it's also a nice look at a bear in it's natural habitat.

D.W. All Wet (D. W. Series)Finally, we found a cute Arthur book that C read this week. D.W. All Wet by Marc Brown is about the characters in the Arthur TV show. In this story, the family goes to the beach, but D.W. doesn't want to go in the water. She keeps asking when they can go home. Then Arthur gives her a piggyback ride to the ice cream shop, but instead of turning to head to the shop, he ends up taking her into the water, where she has a great time! It actually has a decent message about trying things before deciding that you don't like them.

What have you been reading with your kids lately? Hop over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns to share!


  1. I love the Jim Arnosky books, they're so great for this age!

  2. Glamour Girl sounds interesting - I'll have to check it out for my older girls. Thanks!

  3. Craig loved the Arthur books when he was little (I think it was Craig - sometimes I get my kids mixed up!). Chalk looks good - kind of a modern Harold and the Purple Crayon, maybe? That was another favorite in our house.


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