Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Book Review: Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty

It all comes down to what happened at the barbecue. Vid's impromptu invitation brings his neighbors Erika and Oliver and their friends Sam and Clementine together with Vid and his wife Tiffany for an evening that changes all of their lives. But what actually happened that day? And will their marriages and friendships withstand the tension that has developed around them?

Truly Madly Guilty is Liane Moriarty's latest novel and I just had to pre-order it when I heard it was coming out because I love her stories. Unfortunately, I need to echo what I've heard from many other fans of hers that this is far from my favorite novel by Moriarty. I can't really say why, though. I just didn't feel drawn in and intrigued the way I usually feel when I read her writing. The characters were okay but I never really connected with any of them and I didn't feel that excited about the storyline and mystery surrounding the barbecue.

The novel follows the lives of these three couples and their families both the day of the barbecue and two months later. Sam and Clementine seem the most changed, happily married before and struggling in their marriage after. Erika and Oliver are mostly dealing with her mother's hoarding issues and her need to remember the details of the barbecue that have escaped her. And Vid and Tiffany are absorbed with their daughter and the change that has overcome her since that night.

The story wasn't bad, and as I've seen some other reviewers say, I would perhaps have enjoyed it more if it were written by another author. I think I have much higher expectations to be amazed, rather than just entertained when I pick up a Moriarty novel.

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  1. I keep hoping to find more than a lackluster feeling for this book but yours and others say the same thing. I will stick with reading Husbands Secret that is still unread on my bookshelf. Thanks for your honest review.


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