Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fall Bloggiesta 2015: To-Do List

Bloggiesta starts tomorrow and I'm excited to spend some time cleaning this blog up!! I have big plans during this four-day (September 17 - 20) blogging marathon. Here's my list. I'll be checking things off right here throughout the event.

Write review of Ordinary Grace
Write review of Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki
Write review of Every Fifteen Minutes
Write review of Persepolis
Update My Reviews page
Update About Me page
Set up schedule for Banned Books Week
Write Book Club Picks post for Banned Books Week
Participate in at least one Twitter chat
Participate in at least two mini challenges

UPDATE: Bloggiesta is over and I am pretty happy with what I accomplished, despite not checking everything off. I did start my review of Ordinary Grace, but didn't finish it. The mini challenges I completed were How to Build an Email List and Creating Post Templates
How did you do?


  1. I just finished Persepolis I and II today!! Can't wait to read your review.

    1. Great! I won't be publishing my review until Banned Books Week but hopefully you'll get a chance to read it then!

  2. sigh...I've been wanting to do Bloggiesta & have even been reading a book about blogging (despite 9 years writing 2-3 blogs, I am still a neophyte in terms of technology!), but I didn't know it was coming up so quick. I am still very sick and mostly trying to stay off the laptop and really rest. Bummer. Maybe next time. is it always over a weekend? That's family time here - I rarely have much time for blogging on weekends.

    Anyway, your to-do list looks great - I'm jealous! Enjoy!


    1. I think it is usually over a weekend. I ended up with a rather free weekend so the timing worked out well. Sometimes, I have to keep my list very small and just make a few updates. But even spending a few hours over the four days is worth it!

      I do hope you're feeling better soon. Definitely rest.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your posts on Banned Books Week. Are you going to participate in the book giveaway on another blog with banned books?

  4. Enjoy the party! I love Bloggiesta, and have been participating since early 2011.

    I like your task about Banned Book Week...I'll be participating in that, too.

  5. Wonderful list. I look forward to your Banned Books Week - I love Banned Books :) Happy Bloggiesta!


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