Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bloggiesta - Cleaning Up the Blog

I'm pretty sure I'm the last one signing up for this winter's mini Bloggiesta, seeing as it started on Friday!!! But I stumbled upon the Twitter chat last night and since I have several things I'd like to clean up on my blog, I figured I might as well get to it! Even if I do only have about half a day left.

So, here's what I'll be working on this afternoon and evening:

1. Finish adding all of my 2013 reviews to my Reviews page. **DONE

2. Add to my Books Read in 2013 page to include a list of my favorite books from last year. **DONE

3. Clean up my sidebar and add a Goodreads widget for books read in 2014. **DONE

4. Write two reviews. **1 DONE; 1 TO GO!

5. Clean up my blog email, creating folders and maybe some automatic filters that will make it less cumbersome to keep up with! **DONE

6. Create a template post for monthly updates, so I will actually have time to write monthly recaps this year! **DONE

7. Complete The "Basics" Mini Challenge. **DONE

I think that's it, since I'm only doing this for a few hours!!


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