Monday, December 16, 2013

Week in Review


Good morning. I hope you had a nice week. I got some reading done and that makes me happy! Now it's time to write some reviews. I also finished most of my Christmas shopping, which makes me even happier!

I did review one book this past week: A Very Fuddles Christmas by Frans Vischer. It's an adorable Christmas picture book. I have another children's book to review and an adult fiction book to review this week.

I finally finished reading Who Asked You? by Terry McMillan and I really enjoyed it. I'd say it was one of my favorites from this past year. It's a fairly easy read and I enjoyed the characters. I'll write my review later this week.

Now I'm starting my Christmas reading with Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wright. I also picked up Wonderstruck by Ben Selznick from the library on a whim. So I'll be reading that this week as well.

C finished reading Zora and Me by Victoria Bond. He seemed to enjoy this one, even though it was a bit scary at first since it's a murder mystery. Now he only has two more books for Battle of the Books left to read: Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George and Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen. I plan to read all of them in January and post reviews from both of our perspectives.

What are you reading this week? It's Monday! is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey, so hop over there if you'd like to see what others are reading too. You can also check out the younger version of It's Monday!

Now that I'm finally starting my Christmas reading, I figured I'd include a recap of my reading for the Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge each week. I signed up for a combination of the Mistletoe Level (read 2-4 Christmas books) and Visions of Sugar Plums (read Christmas books with your children). Here's a status of where I am with the challenge:

Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wright - reading
Twas the Night Before: A Love Story by Jerry B. Jenkins - not started
There's Something about Christmas by Debbie Macomber - not started
The Handmaid and the Carpenter by Elizabeth Berg - not started

Children's books read:
A Very Fuddles Christmas by Frans Vischer
Minerva Louise on Christmas Eve by Janet Morgan Stoeke
Elf on the Shelf by Carol V. Aebersold (Yes, we have an elf. His name is Jolly.)


  1. Oh, my sons always LOVED Gary Paulsen books - actually, we all did. He is a great writer, and his stories are usually about outdoor activities/survival. In fact, we often listened to his books on audio while driving on our annual road trip vacations to national parks!

    Glad your son is enjoying the Battle of the Books - sounds like a great program!

    Enjoy your books this week -


    Book By Book

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    1. It has really turned out to be an amazing experience for him. I had to sort of push him into it, and he never wants to start the next book. But then he starts reading and ends up loving each one! He's making his way through Woods Runner quite quickly.

  2. I really enjoyed Selznick's Hugo, and his Wonderstruck looks interesting, too!

    1. I made it halfway through in just one night! I want to read Hugo at some point too.

  3. I love the idea of posting from dual perspectives! My son is at the age where he mostly wants to read by himself and I'm not that excited to read another Star Wars or Transformers book. At least we're reading The Wind in the Willows together. :)
    Have a great week and enjoy your Christmas reading!

    1. My son has been like that for a few years now, and he also went through the Star Wars/Transformers phase. Battle of the Books has forced him to read more books that I actually have an interest in. :-)

  4. Wow so many last minute reading challenges. This Christmas spirit one sounds really fun! :) Thank you for sharing your thoughts about these lovely books. Christmas Jars looks great, and yes, my 11 year old daughter LOVED wonderstruck.

    1. I'm glad to hear your daughter loved Wonderstruck. I'm going to see if my son will read it when I'm done. Have a great week!

  5. Christmas Jars is such a wonderful read! Enjoy the week Julie.

    1. It was a sweet story. You have a good week too!

  6. I didn't stop last week but am stopping this week. ENJOY your upcoming week.

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