Monday, July 15, 2013

Week in Review

Good evening. I hope you had a great week and enjoyed a lot of good reads. Here's what I've been up to this week.

Recent Reviews and Other Posts
I wrote two reviews last week. The first was for a children's book, The Secret Lake by Karen Inglis, which is a wonderful adventure story for elementary aged kids. The other was a time travel novel called The Show by John A. Heldt. It was a nice follow-up to The Mine, which I read last year.

What I'm Reading
I finished The Diabolist by Layton Green last week. I must say it's my favorite of the series, and you don't have to have read the others to read this one. I'm hoping to get the review written this week.

I'm now reading The Lake House by Marci Nault.

Up Next for Me
After I finish The Lake House, I think I'll pick up Indivisible? The Story of the Second American Civil War by Paul Martin Midden, another review book.

I'm skipping my kids' update this week. We'll be back to it next week.

What are you reading this week? It's Monday! is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey, so hop over there if you'd like to see what others are reading too.

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  1. I enjoyed The Mine...good to know The Show is good as well.

    ENJOY your week.

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