Friday, March 22, 2013

Book Review: Wool by Hugh Howey

Wool by Hugh Howey started as a short story. Additional books were added and eventually put together in the Omnibus Edition. I began by reading the short story. I enjoyed it so much that I had to buy the Omnibus Edition. This review was published after I read the first book, so I am updating it now to include my thoughts on the entire story, while attempting to not give anything away.

The story starts off with Sheriff Holston, who has lived in the silo his whole life. But today, he has uttered the words that will get him out: "I want to go outside." Usually, it's the prisoners who are sent out to clean the windows of the silo so that everyone else can see the desolate world outside. But three years earlier, Holston's wife uttered those same words and left the silo herself. Now Holston is following in her footsteps to see what is really out there.

This first book hooked me from the start; I read it straight through in one sitting. Sheriff Holston's is a simple but fascinating story. The remaining four books that are included in the Omnibus Edition bring the reader deeper into this dystopian world where everyone in the community spends their entire life inside the silo. Each person has a job to ensure the silo and its community function, from keeping the air flowing to growing food, caring for the sick and maintaining peace. But the mystery of what's outside the silo is always hanging over them.

I highly recommend Wool to anyone who enjoys dystopia and science fiction.  

My Rating: 5/5

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This review was written based on a copy of Wool that I purchased.


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