Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Virtual Book Club for Kids: David McPhail

M and I decided to participate in this month's Virtual Book Club for Kids. The highlighted author for January is David McPhail, an author we had not read previously. So we started out by going to the library and choosing a book. We decided to go with Drawing Lessons from a Bear.

This is a charming story about a bear who loves to draw. As his mom teaches him all the skills he needs to know to be a good bear, she also encourages his interest in drawing. He starts by drawing in the dirt but later searches for small scraps of paper to draw on. As he grows, he continues to draw while also staying true to himself and his life as a bear. He encourages all the children by saying they can be artists too if they want to be.

For the activity to go along with this book, M and I decided to be artists ourselves. We actually read a second book called Pablo the Artist by Satoshi Kitamur as well, and M drew a picture inspired by that book.

I think she did a wonderful job on this picture. It's a self-portrait. She's holding a paint palette and painting a landscape on an easel. Like the bear in the McPhail book says, she's definitely an artist!

This was a fun activity and we both highly recommend Drawing Lessons from a Bear!

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