Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekly Reading Recap

Good morning. I hope you've had a good week and weekend. I had a relaxing weekend as my husband and son were off camping Saturday night. My daughter and I went shopping on Saturday with my mom and got lots of new clothes. I thought about stopping at the bookstore but tried to remind myself that I have stacks of books to read at home! And I've recently accepted several new review requests... Eek!

I got a lot of reading done this week. I finished Leaves by Michael Baron, and I also read The Secret Life of Cee Cee Wilkes by Diane Chamberlain, my October book club selection.

As far as reviews go, I reviewed a children's book called Dinorific Poetry Volume 2 by Michael Sgrignoli. And I also reviewed a memoir, Truth Be Told by Larry King. I have a giveaway up for that one so click on the title to enter!

My son is finished the fourth book in the Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage and Mark Zug: Queste. He has a big project to do with it now ~ he has to write about a character in the book (he chose Septimus), showing examples from the book of his different character traits. He also has to create the character out of a foam pumpkin! It's an interesting, creative project. I'm hoping it's not too much of a struggle to complete!

Currently Reading
I'm still Election! by Dan Gutman. It's a children's book about how the election process works. I'm hoping to review it before the election passes!

Up Next
Next up will be The Mongol Objective by David Sakmyster. I read the first book in the series last year and am excited to finally pick up the next one.

What are you reading this week? This meme is being hosted by Sheila at Book Journey, so hop over there if you'd like to see what others are reading too.


  1. Wow, you've been very productive this week!

    I have been dying to go camping - this is my favorite season for it - but with my son on crutches, we haven't been able to go yet this fall.

    Enjoy your books this week -


  2. I read your review of Larry King's book and have added it to my TBR list...Sounds very good!

    I'm getting ready to start The Pursuit Of Lucy Banning. I want to get that one read this week!

  3. Election! sounds like an interesting choice. I've been trying to introduce some more non-fiction to my little guy, partly because I think it's a good habit to obtain and partly because this mama can't read The Magic Treehouse series again!


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