Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekly Reading Recap and Write-a-Thon Starting Line

Good morning. I hope you've had a great week! I was a bit more productive this past week, so that's good. I managed to finish reading A Leprechaun's Lament by Wayne Zurl. I will be publishing my review tomorrow for the book tour. 

I also wrote two reviews this week: Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynn Truss and The Book That Eats People by John Perry. Both were very humorous books but for very different reasons.

My son, who has always been a voracious reader, has not read much this summer. I finally decided to turn him away from the fantasy books he keeps choosing and then never reading. I let him read Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth by Jeff Kinney. He had read all the other books in the series, but I had held off letting him read that one. I finally decided to give it to him and he really liked it.

Currently Reading
I'm now reading Final Approach by Lyle Prouse. That review will be published on Thursday for the book tour, and I'll have a guest post by Prouse on Friday.

Up Next
Next, I'll be reading The Mine by John A. Heldt.

What are you reading this week? This meme is being hosted by Sheila at Book Journey, so hop over there if you'd like to see what others are reading too.

Also this week, I'll be participating in the Sit Down and Write Write-a-Thon. I'm behind on some review writing, so hopefully this will catch me up. Here's what I need to write this week:
  1. A Leprechaun's Lament by Wayne Zurl (book tour tomorrow!)
  2. Clout by Colleen Jones
  3. Tastes Like Human by Noel Boivin and Chris Lombardo
  4. Economics: a simple twist on normalcy by Kersten Kelly
  5. These Ties by William Bortz
  6. Final Approach by Lyle Prouse (book tour on Thursday)

If I can get all of those reviews written, I will finally be caught up! So that's my goal. I also plan to add all of my 2012 reviews to the My Reviews tab on my blog, since I am way behind on that. And if I have time, I'll add my reviews to Amazon, since I've only been publishing them here and on Goodreads lately.


  1. I hope you get all your reviews written, the write-a-thon is a great idea.

  2. I haven't heard of most of your books. Good luck on the reviews, I am only 2 behind so far.

  3. Good luck on your book reviews! That sounds like an interesting meme! I'll have to check it out! :)


  4. It's almost one review per day, I am sure you will reach your goals :) Happy writing.

  5. Best of luck getting caught up on your reviews!

  6. The write-a-thon sounds fun! Good luck with it! Happy Reading!

  7. Good luck on getting those reviews written! I'm so thrilled to see so many of my loyal regulars joining me this week. Thank you! =O)

  8. Off to check out your reviews...

    Have another great week of reading and good luck getting caught up on your reviews!

  9. My boys were never all that thrilled with Diary of a Wimpy Kid - they thought the main character was mean to his friend!

    Good luck with the write-a-thon! I am jealous. I need to do something like that to get jump-started back into writing...but there's NO WAY I could do it this week. My older son starts college in 4 days! Hopefully, I will have more writing time once school starts next week.

    Enjoy your books this week -


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