Saturday, March 3, 2012

What My Children Are Reading

The kids have been reading a lot this week, which is so great to see! But before I get into some of the books they read, I want to mention my review of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and a guest post I hosted this week with 7 Ways to Encourage Reluctant Readers. And, of course, the kids read a lot of Dr. Seuss books this week, especially in school. You can read my old post about the Dr. Seuss books we love.

Besides Dr. Seuss, C read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume. This was his first book by that author and I'm guessing he'll be reading more of them. I can't remember the book, so as C tells it, the story is about a boy and his 2 year old brother. The 2 year old brother is always messing everything up. He thought the book was funny except for when Fudge falls from the monkey bars and is covered in blood. But otherwise, he seems to have enjoyed it and was excited when I told him there are more Fudge books to read.

M received three new Biscuit books for her birthday last week, and I picked up Happy Birthday, Biscuit at the library, so she's been busy reading those. She read Biscuit and the Little Pup, Biscuit Goes to School, and Bathtime for Biscuit. She just loves these books. It's funny, because C never read them when he was her age. They are all very cute stories with lots of Woofs! and Arfs! to read. They are written at a first grade reading level, which is perfect for M right now. So she can sit and read the books on her own whenever she wants to.

What have you been reading with your children this week? Hop on over to Mouse Grows Mouse Learns to share!

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  1. The Fudge series by Judy Blume is a great one - both of my sons enjoyed it very much. Though I have a major issue with Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing - there is a chapter about Santa that pretty much gives everything away and I think the age reading this book is much too young to know that yet. When we read the book aloud to our sons, we skipped that chapter! You may want to pick it up and read that chapter on your own, Julie, just in case you start to get questions.



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