Saturday, November 12, 2011

Picture Book Month: Week Two

November is Picture Book Month, so I've decided to use my weekly recap of what my kids have been reading to highlight picture books. The Picture Book Month website features a calendar that offers themes for each day of the month. So each day, I'm reading a picture book from our shelves that goes along with the theme, and I'll compile the list of books we read here on the weekend.

November 6: Transportation
When I saw the theme of transportation, I had to pull out Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things That Go. This is a book that my husband and I both remember from childhood, so we've shared it with our kids as well. I wasn't feeling well enough to read the entire book to M on the 6th, so instead, we went through each page looking for Goldbug, who hides among the cars and trucks. She went through this exercise several times throughout the week, and I did finally get a chance to read the whole story to her by the end of the week.

November 7: Birds
For this theme, I picked one of our duck books: The Hungry Duckling. This is a very cute story of a little duck who hatches with several chicks while his mother is taking a swim. He is hungry but can't pick up the little grain that the chicks are eating, so he takes a walk to find something else to eat. Along the way, he meets several other animals and tries to eat what they eat, but isn't satisfied until he meets a kingfisher who introduces him to fish! It's a nice story and a great way to learn what different types of animals eat.

November 8: Monsters
We don't have many books that feature monsters, but we do have a couple that feature Grover, who is actually a monster. So we read Grover Takes Care of Baby for this theme. This is one of M's favorite books. She has always loved babies so she loves seeing the little Baby Monster and hearing how Grover helps feed her and give her a bath and put her to bed. It's a sweet story, typical of Sesame Street stories.

November 9: Gardens/Gardening
This one is a bit of a stretch since I couldn't find any books on our shelf that are really about gardening. So we chose A Tale of Two Goats, which is more about farming, but the two farmers grow cabbage and turnips, so they're more like gardens than full-fledged farms! Anyway, in this book, there are two farmers who live next to each other but never talk. They each have a goat, and the goats are great friends. This is good since the goat whose farmer grows cabbages prefers turnips, and the goat whose farmer grows turnips prefers cabbages. But when the farmers find out the goats are swapping food, they try all they can to stop them. It's a very silly story, but a great message about friendship.

November 10: Mice
I couldn't resist pulling Library Mouse off the shelf for this theme. It's one of my favorite books so I love to read it to the kids. C said he recently read a second book in the series at school. I'll have to find it! In any event, this is the story of a mouse who lives in the library and starts to write books. The librarian and children want to know who is writing all these wonderful stories, so they set up a Meet the Author session. But the little mouse shows them that they can all be authors themselves. It's a wonderful story for anyone who loves books!

November 11: Chickens
This was another stretch in terms of theme. I couldn't find anything related to chickens on our shelf, but I did find Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams, which has a story within it about Princess Aurora being left in charge of the kingdom for the day. Merryweather lets her borrow her magic wand, and at one point, Aurora accidentally fills the room with giant chickens! It's a cute princess story so M definitely liked it. And I guess it sort of related to the chickens theme!

November 12: Sea
And yet another stretch. I think I need to give up on finding all the books on our shelves, although it has been a fun challenge. So for the sea theme, I chose This Land is Your Land. It's basically the old song by Woody Guthrie incorporated into a picture book. It's a great geography lesson with illustrations of all sorts of different areas of the United States, including seas, of course.

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  1. I feel a little embarrassed to admit that I've never read a Richard Scarry book.

  2. There's a calendar for the month? I am totally checking that out, for whatever reason that concept amuses me.


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