Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wonderfully Wicked Read-a-Thon: Read in Pictures Challenge


The Book Monsters is hosting a challenge for the Wonderfully Wicked Read-a-Thon, and since my head hurts and I don't feel like reading right now, I figured I'd participate. We're supposed to share pictures that describe the books we've been reading for the read-a-thon.

I've been reading two books simultaneously, and still hope to finish one today. We'll see. The first is The Revisionists by Thomas Mullen, which takes place mostly in Washington, D.C.

And I've been reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, which is about people who are successful. So here are some pictures that reflect that book: Bill Joy, The Beatles and J. Robert Oppenheimer, all considered "outliers" by the author.


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