Monday, October 3, 2011

Frightful Fall Read-a-Thon Mini Challenge: Zombie Apocalypse

Must Read Faster is hosting a mini challenge for the Frightful Fall Read-a-Thon. Here's the challenge:

**Look to the left...the first item that you see is your only weapon during the Zombie Apocalypse*** (Don't cheat and try to find something cool! If the first thing you see are socks then that's what you got!)

So I'm sitting here in my office, turned to my left and this is what I saw:

My printer. I think this would come in quite handy during a Zombie Apocalypse!! I'll just bop them over the head with it. Woohoo!


  1. I'm so dead in the water!
    There's a paper plate on my left lol

  2. An empty Powerade bottle...probably not very useful...


  3. A printer is great! I don't think the zombies stand a chance!

    Here is my weapon!

  4. Yup I seen my cell phone... Not so useful. Don't see it working to call anyone or having anyone to call lol I guess it might stun one long enough to give me a 3 secind head start lol

  5. Good one! I was going to say you could run them through the printer, but that would probably work better with a shredder. =O)


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