Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Book Review: The Pharos Objective by David Sakmyster

For 2000 years, treasure hunters have been trying to locate a legendary chamber hidden under the Pharos Lighthouse in Alexandria. In this chamber, they believe, lies the lost treasure of Alexander the Great. Within the first few pages of The Pharos Objective, David Sakmyster throws the reader into the hunt as we go back to 861 A.D. and watch treasure hunters trigger the deadly traps contained within the Pharos. As we hear over and over throughout the book: "The Pharos protects itself."

Today, the lighthouse is no longer standing, but treasure hunters still seek the way into the chamber they believe is hidden underground. George Waxman leads the The Mopheus Initiative, a group of psychics who use "remote viewing" to locate lost artifacts and see into the past. He's determined to find the treasure to prove that remote viewing really works. Columbia University professor Caleb Crowe's sister and mother are part of the group. Caleb left it years ago after an incident that left his sister in a wheelchair. But when Caleb starts having visions of the Pharos, he soon finds himself in the middle of the treasure hunt too.

Sakmyster sets up the story and relationships very quickly in this novel, and soon we're off on an adventure with the Morpheus Initiative on a quest to find that treasure. There is mystery and intrigue throughout. It's hard to know who's good and who's bad. There are many twists and turns. Who can Caleb trust as he tries to uncover the key to finding the treasure? We piece together the different parts of the story along with Caleb, and we learn more and more through his visions of the past.

This is one of the most entertaining books I've read this year. I really enjoyed it. I loved the combination of the modern-day story with the history of the Pharos Lighthouse. I found myself anxious to know what would happen next. It reminded me of an adventure movie like Indiana Jones or National Treasure, with a psychic angle added in. Overall it was a great book, and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys adventure stories and treasure hunts. I'm already looking forward to the next book in the series, The Mongol Objective, which will be released later this year.

My Rating: 5/5

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This review was written based on an ebook copy of The Pharos Objective that I received from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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