Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do Witches Make Fishes? by Jason Mayo

Do Witches Make Fishes?

Do you have a kid who won't eat his vegetables? Would your kids rather have candy at every meal? Well, perhaps you should check out Do Witches Make Fishes? by Jason Mayo and see if they change their minds. This is the story of a little boy who would rather eat candy than the carrots and fishes that his mom feeds him. So he wishes she would disappear, and she does...only to be replaced with a witch! It's a cute story with a good message.

And the best part is if you buy Do Witches Make Fishes? you're helping a very worthy cause. All proceeds from the sale of the book are benefiting The Garden of Dreams Foundation.

You can try Do Witches Make Fishes? before you buy it: here's the video. Then, as the author says, "cough it up for charity!"

This review was written based on a copy of Do Witches Make Fishes? that I purchased. Although I was offered a free review copy, I decided to cough it up for charity myself! I'm glad I did.

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