Saturday, September 18, 2010

Book Review: Dinorific Poetry by Michael Sgrignoli

We recently got the opportunity to read a new children's book called Dinorific Poetry: Stories of ancient animals created by a father and son. This book is the work of Michael Sgrignoli, who wrote all of the poems, and his son, Ethan, who, at age 7, illustrated the book. Originally meant to be a family keepsake, Dinorific Poetry has now been published so we can all enjoy it.

I read the book with C first, and I wish I had been able to record his look of awe when he saw the illustrations. He was so fascinated by the fact that we were reading a book with illustrations that look like things he can draw himself. He thought it was "cool" that a kid who is only a bit older than him is the illustrator of a book. M loved looking at the pictures of dinosaurs and matching them to her little plastic dinosaurs.

The poems are wonderful and fun. I think C's favorite is "Do You Suppose?" in which several different types of dinosaurs play instruments and sing in a band they call "The Really, Really Old Kids on the Block." Here's an excerpt from that poem:
Do you suppose STYRACOSAUR
     could ever sing a song?
And, if she did, would you suppose
     it lasted all day long?

You sort of have to figure that
     it must've been quite loud.
You have to then assume, of course,
     that it would draw a crowd.
Each of the dinosaur names is written phonetically on the page where it's introduced, which certainly helped me read the book properly! My kids aren't actually big fans of dinosaurs, but they really enjoyed this book. I would expect that kids who love dinosaurs will love this book. Sgrignoli includes tidbits of facts within his funny stories, so it actually offers some real lessons about the dinosaurs, even while placing them in unrealistic scenes. It's also a fun example of poetry, which is something we haven't read very often.

Visit the Dinorific Poetry website to read more about Dinorific Poetry, including the story behind its creation.
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This review was written based on a copy of Dinorific Poetry that I received from the author in exchange for an honest review. A special thanks to Sue at Great Books for Kids and Teens, who put me in touch with the author.

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  1. It looks like a terrific book. How fun it is that a child illustrated it. It's amazing what both kids and parents can do if they really put their minds to it. Thanks for joining WMCIR!

  2. This does sound a like an interesting book. I agree with Natalie the illustrations.


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