Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Reading Challenge: Reviews

If you're participating in the Summer Reading Challenge for 2010, feel free to add links below to the reviews you've written. A few requests:
  • Only those who have officially signed up for the Summer Reading Challenge can add links. If you do not have a link in the Start Reading Linky, you cannot add a link to this Reviews Linky. For more details about the challenge, see this page.
  • The link you add should be to a specific review post, not to your blog's home page. For example: use, not
  • Links should be to reviews for books you read or finished reading between June 21 and September 21.
  • Try to include your name or blog name and part of the book title in the link title. For example: My Book Retreat - I Am Hutterite. This way we can easily see all the reviews for a specific blogger, as well as the titles of the books being reviewed.


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