Monday, June 14, 2010

Final Bloggiesta Update

Well, my second experience with Bloggiesta is done and it was great! You can click on that link to see what everyone else did as well! I got a very detailed list of to-do items to make my blogs better, and although I didn't get through all of them, I'm still set to continue updating and improving my blogs into the future.

Here's the complete list of what I've accomplished. It's not very different than my last update since I didn't work much on my blogs on Sunday. I ended up spending a total of 11.5 hours on Bloggiesta this time. I've love to hear what you think of my new templates and pages. Speaking of pages, does anyone know if updates to pages appear in your readers? I'm kind of hoping no, but don't know for sure.

  • Completed Write Your Blogging To-Do List mini challenge ~ completed assessment/made goals for blogs
  • Completed Your Review Policy mini challenge ~ updated review policy
  • Created pages for My Book Retreat: About Me, Review Policy, My Reviews
  • Updated templates for both blogs
  • Updated challenge posts
  • Created alphabetical list of all reviews that appear on My Book Retreat
  • Reorganized TBR list in a simple Word table
  • Wrote CSN Stores review
  • Wrote review of Because I am Your Daddy for What My Child Is Reading meme
  • Created a list of publicists and the books I've reviewed for them
  • Cleaned up my blog email/filed emails
  • Created links on sidebar to publicists and publishers
  • Published Flag Day post on Triangle Mommies blog
  • Created list of article ideas for the Triangle Mommies blog
  • Claimed My Book Retreat on Technorati
I'll be back later with my It's Monday! What Are You Reading post. I didn't put it together over the weekend so will have to do it during my lunch break today!


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