Friday, June 11, 2010

Bloggiesta: Update #1

My first task was to create my to-do list, so here it is. I've also completed a few things before getting around to publishing this. I'll be back occasionally throughout the weekend with updates, and you can watch as some of these things are completed.
  • Make list of things to complete during Bloggiesta
  • Research mini challenges and chose some to participate in: I chose Write Your Blogging To-Do List and Your Review Policy
  • Complete mini challenges ~ do site assessment and develop goals, update review policy
  • Create list of article ideas for the Triangle Mommies blog
  • Clean up my blog email
  • Create a list of publicists and other contacts, along with the books I've reviewed for them
  • Reorganize list of books to read (spreadsheet/document/some other option?)
  • Change Book Retreat template
  • Review/clean up sidebars on both blogs
  • Update challenges pages
  • Write outstanding reviews
  • Review/revise categories on Book Retreat
  • Review/revise list of topic ideas for Just Playin’ Around
  • Research ideas for memes/challenges to possibly host
  • Review followers list, and visit their blogs
  • Contact authors/publicists re: guest posts
  • Create My Book Retreat pages: About Me, Review Policy/Contact Me, Reviews
  • Make complete list of reviews in alphabetical order with links
  • Create Just Playin’ Around pages: About Me, Science, Geography, Arts and Crafts
  • Put more reviews on
  • Write up a Summer Bucket List and link to Little Wonders’ Days
  • Acknowledge all the awards I’ve received over the past few months with a post or two
  • Create links on sidebar to authors/publicists
I honestly can't imagine that I will complete everything on this list. But even if I don't get to all of it this weekend, at least I now have a plan and can keep working on it in the future.


  1. Hope the review policy challenge helps you, and I love that you are crossing stuff off online. That is my fav!

  2. This is a really neat thing to do! and you are right ~ even if you don't complete everything you at least now have a plan! That is awesome!

    Have a blessed weekend

  3. Great job so far! You have a great list there---might have to steal a few :)

  4. Your list is fantastic and you're right! You can keep crossing those items off long after Bloggiesta is over. Have a great weekend Julie!


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