Saturday, May 29, 2010

What My Children Are Reading This Week

I'm back after a week off from this meme. I really enjoy sharing what my kids are reading each week, but being on vacation last week without Internet access made it impossible to share! During the past couple of weeks, C has been reading a few different early readers that I think will appeal to younger kids too as read aloud books.

Henry and Mudge: The First BookHenry and Mudge: The First Book by Cynthia Rylant is a Ready-to-Read Level 2 book. This is a sweet story that sets up the characters of Henry and his dog Mudge, who are featured in a series of books. C received this as a gift about a year ago, and didn't like it the first time I read it to him back then. In the story, Mudge takes a walk and ends up getting lost. He and Henry are both very sad to be apart, but of course, in the end, they find each other again. It was too sad/scary for C a year ago, but this time when he read it on his own, he liked it. I think if your child wouldn't be upset by Mudge getting lost, they'd enjoy it.

Another book C read last week is Tuckerbean at Waggle World by Jill Katz. This is another book about a pet dog. In this one, Tuckerbean the dog goes to Waggle World, an amusement park with his owner Peni. They have fun together, but when Peni goes on a ride that Tuckerbean can't go on, he wanders off to the fun house. Peni soon arrives as he's looking at himself in all the funny mirrors, and they go off to have a snow cone together. C has read this one a few times and seems to like it. It's a Read-It! Readers Yellow Level book. This is another one that I think younger kids would enjoy as a read aloud.

Hiccups For Elephant (level 2) (Hello Reader)I picked up Hiccups for Elephant by James Preller from the library. I swear it was listed as a similar reading level to the first two books in the guide I got from the library, but this one was much easier for him to read. It only took 5 minutes, as opposed to the 10-15 minutes it took him to read the others. It's a cute story that I'm sure would appeal to little ones, as the elephant has the hiccups and each of the other animals tries to help him get rid of them. This is a Scholastic Reader Level 2.

The Bike Lesson-GLBThe last early reader I'll mention is The Bike Lesson by Stan and Jan Berenstain. This is a cute story featuring the Berenstain Bears. Small Bear gets a new bike but his dad won't let him ride it until he teaches him some very important lessons. Of course, each lesson has the dad crashing or falling down, followed by Small Bear asking again to ride by himself. It's cute and funny, but I have to say I was annoyed by the dad not getting off the bike and letting the kid ride! This is an I Can Read It All By Myself Beginner Book.

What have you been reading with your kids lately? Hop over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns and share!


  1. The Bike Lesson is one of our favorite early readers. I don't remember being annoyed by Father Bear, but then we've read a lot of these, and Father Bear is just that way, after a while he grows on you :)

  2. Those last two look like they'd be super popular here. My kids are all about hiccups right now.

  3. how cute! here is mine:

  4. Both of my boys LOVED the Henry and Mudge books!! Cynthia Rylant is a great author - she's written lots of other good ones, too.

    My husband was ALWAYS annoyed by Father Bear in the Berenstain Bears books - he really hates all the media depictions of dimwitted Dads - and there are lots!! We never really got into the BB books at our house.



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