Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Book Blogger Hop

It's time for another Book Blogger Hop! Jennifer at Crazy-for-Books hosts the weekly Book Blogger Hop on Fridays. So, if you talk about books on your blog, stop over and add your link! If you're just looking for a list of some great book blogs to read, head over to Crazy for Books and start hopping!

So how's it going this week? I hope you're getting a lot of reading done. I've already read two books this week, which is extremely rare for me. Of course, they were both pretty short, but still. I actually have the potential for finishing three books by Monday, which I think may be a record for me since starting this blog six months ago!

How about you? How many books do you usually manage to read each week?


  1. Hi there, just "hopping" over. I usually get through one book, maybe two each week. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Hi! Just hopping by to say hi!

    I haven't had a great reading week as work has been busy so I am hoping for a great reading weekend!

  3. I am enjoying your blog, and linked it to mine,

    I try to read about 20 books a month - some months are better than others!


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