Saturday, April 24, 2010

What My Children Are Reading This Week

We didn't make it back to the library this week, but we still had several books to read. Last week I talked about several picture books. This week I'll cover some of the early readers C has been reading.

Chester (I Can Read Book 1)We got another I Can Read Book by Syd Hoff. This one is called Chester and it's about a wild horse that wants to be taken when the men come with ropes because he wants someone to love him. But they take all the other horses and leave Chester behind. So he wanders around town looking for something he can do ~ pulling a fire truck, being a merry-go-round horse ~ until he finds a place where he belongs. This is an I Can Read Level 1 book. I was pleased to see C read this one without missing more than a couple words. These Syd Hoff books are great for kids who are learning to read. They're engaging stories that hold their interest. C read all 64 pages in one sitting, even though I gave him the chance to stop reading halfway through.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Pirates . . . and Worse! (DK READERS)
One of the big hits with C right now is the DK Readers Star Wars series of books. C and all his friends love Star Wars, so early readers about Star Wars are great incentives for him to sit down and read! We have been taking level 1, 2 and 3 books out of the library; C reads the level 1 books and helps us read the level 2 books, while we read the level 3 books to him. The level one books include Pirates...And Worse! and Ready, Set, Podrace! by Simon Beecroft, and What is a Wookiee? by Laura Buller. I'm pretty sure he'll be reading this series for the next few years, progressing up the levels as his reading improves. It's always great to find early readers with a theme or characters he loves!

What have you been reading with your kids lately? Hop over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns and share!


  1. I haven't seen that Star Wars book yet. It looks fun.

  2. I will have to look for the Chester books. I have problems finding level 1 readers that Selena actually enjoys. Most of the time she thinks they are boring.

  3. Fun! My little one is 2 and we go to the library every week. He loves Curious George right now!

  4. Thanks for joining again, Julie. We are going through Lobel books now in our early readers, but Syd Hoff is next :) I think Star Wars are brilliant for boys - Anna has no interest in them whatsoever - the pictures are too "realistic" for her liking.

  5. I just love those Syd Hoff books! Danny the Dinosaur was my son's favorite.

    My boys also liked the DK Star Wars books - I think they still have a couple of them somewhere! One on Droids and another about Anakin, maybe? Anyway, I think those were more like Level 3 books.




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