Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Book Formats: What's Your Preference?

I don't usually start discussions on this blog, but I recently realized that I have very strong preferences when it comes to the format of the books I read. And I'm wondering if others do as well. Most books eventually come in a range of formats:
  • Hardcover
  • Paperback
  • Mass market paperback
  • Audio
  • E-book
Am I missing any? So what's your favorite? Do you have a preference? Are there certain formats you always choose? Any formats you avoid completely? And what's the reasoning behind your preference?

For me, I'd say my preference is definitely paperback, but absolutely not mass market paperback. I've read a couple mass market paperbacks recently after not reading them for years, and I just don't enjoy them. They're uncomfortable to read, in my opinion. I have to actually use my muscles to keep the pages open! And the font is usually way too small.

If I can't get a regular paperback copy, I'll go for hardcover. They aren't nearly as portable as paperback, but they are pretty good about staying open to the page I'm reading, and the font is usually big enough to make it easy to read. I've been reading a lot of hardcovers lately since I've been reading a lot of newly released books.

I haven't honestly listened to audio books. If I were in my car by myself often, I think it an audio book would be perfect. But most of my time in my car is spent with my kids who are not old enough to listen to the books I want to read! When I do drive by myself, it's always just around town, so not long enough to listen to a book.

I read a book that was in pdf format recently, and I did read it on my computer screen rather than printing it out. But I haven't read any books on the Kindle or Nook or any other e-book reader. So I'm not sure how I'd like that. The book I read on my computer was more of a short story, so it wasn't bad. But I don't think I'd want to read an entire full-length novel on my computer screen.

So, what about you? Do you have a preference too?


  1. I guess for me, it really depends. When I'm just reading-I prefer ebook (because I have a Kindle) but when I want something pretty and something I can keep for a long time (ex. Hunger Games) I will go for the hardcover. But then before I go to sleep, I like to listen to audio books-they soothe me. So I guess I'm pretty much all over the board. But thank you for this lovely post.

  2. I like trade paperback because they look nice (and not cheap) but are more portable then hardcover. I like hardcover for certain books though. And if I have one in hardcover then it bugs me that the rest of the series isn't in hardcover. I don't have to money to switch them up though, so I deal.
    I just started getting ARC's in ebook form and I know I don't like it much, but hey, if that's my only choice then I guess I'll take it!

  3. I am a Kindle owner and love reading on it. I was iffy about going to ebook though because I do not like reading on my computer screen. Audio books are hit/miss, it really does come down to who is reading. If I am going to keep a book, Hardcover all the way! I don't mind paperback books but the mass market ones fall apart easily!

  4. I'm definitely a hardback girl. I don't mind paperback, but it's easier for me to save my place with a hardback and little ones.

    As for the others...I have an iPhone and have used the kindle app for it, but I often forget about it and my kiddos like to steal my phone from time to time. So, staying up with it doesn't always work. The pdf versions are definitely not my preference, I don't like reading a book on my computer screen. And I'm just trying out audiobooks while working on my computer, it's going pretty well. I may try more.

    Great discussion topic!

  5. I like hardcover OK, especially if it is a book that is given to me because then I know I wasn't the one who paid for it :) My favorite are trade paperback. They just feel right in my hands, somehow. I hate pulp paperbacks-I've got a few I picked up because they were only a quarter or something at a used book sale and they just sit on my shelf because I don't like having to hold them open, read the small print, etc...

  6. Trade paperbacks are the best for reading. I'm just not into audio books or e books... yet. Hardbacks are hard to hold. And mass market paperbacks, I'm totally okay with!


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