Saturday, February 6, 2010

What My Children Are Reading This Week

The kids were out of school for a few days this week for the snow we got. But we did manage to stop at the library on Thursday morning to pick up a few new books.

James and the Giant PeachWe started reading James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl to C this week. I had wanted to get Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator because we just finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last week. But it was out so I decided to try a different Dahl book. The beginning of this one is pretty depressing, with poor James being sent to live with his cruel aunts when his parents are eaten by a rhinoceros. But we're up to the point where he's about to go into the peach, so hopefully things will be happier from here on out.

There Is a Bird On Your Head! (An Elephant and Piggie Book)We also picked up a few more of the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems. C really loves this series of early readers. And he's doing a great job actually reading them. When we were at the library, he sat and read one of them aloud to M while I was looking for some other books. And he got through the whole book on his own. I'm sure he missed a couple words, but overall, he can read these books independently. It's pretty amazing to see your kid reading so well! I'm going to write a full review of this series of books later this week.

My Best Friend is Cinderella (Disney Princess (Random House Hardcover))M wanted another princess book ~ what else is new? I got My Best Friend is Cinderella by Lisa Ann Marsoli. It turned out to be a cute book. It's about a little girl named Emma who lives in Cinderella's kingdom. One day, she goes to the palace and spends the day with Cinderella, learning what it's like to be a real princess. It's a nice message, because Cinderella actually spends a lot of time working with charities to help kids in need. M loves it, of course, since it's a princess book!

What have you been reading with your children this week? Hop on over to Mouse Grows Mouse Learns to share!


  1. I loved James and the Giant Peach as child, but the movie version (is it a Tim Burton?), kind of ruined it for my kids - sometimes it's better to just stick with the book.

  2. Thanks for joining this week. Wow, James and the Giant Peach sounds rough! M's love of princess stories cracks me up - so far Anna is still very indifferent to those. And I've got to try Mo Willems again, since suddenly Anna sat down and read the Pigeon stories that we have at home by herself - she is warming up to the bubble dialogs lately.

  3. I'm definitely staying away from the movies! We'll be sticking to Dahl's books. They're odd enough!

    That's great that Anna read the Pigeon books! I need to get a couple of those. We've never actually read them but maybe C would like them.


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