Saturday, December 26, 2009

What My Children Are Reading This Week - 12/26

It's been a busy week with Christmas, but here are some of the books we've been reading.

Reindeer Do Wear Striped UnderwearC's kindergarten teacher gave all the kids in her class a chapter book for the holidays: Reindeer Do Wear Striped Underwear by Marcia Thornton Jones and Debbie Dadey. We read it to C before bed this week, and he really loves it. It's about a group of kids who go to the zoo on a field trip. When they see a reindeer and someone who looks like Santa, one of the kids insists on checking him out. It's a short chapter book, so it could be read in one night, but we only read a couple chapters each night. The language is simple enough that C should be able to read most of it. We're going to work on having him read it now that we've read it to him once.

I picked up Stuart Little by E.B. White at the library because C has really enjoyed listening to other chapter books. I thought it would be fun to read more of a classic story, and he is enjoying it. Stuart Little is a mouse born to a family of humans, and this original story is about his adventures while trying to find his best friend, a bird who has disappeared from her nest. I chose Stuart Little because there didn't appear to be anything too frightening in it. I think I'll hold off another year or two before getting into some of the other classics like Charlotte's Web.

That's it for this week. The rest of the books we read this week were the Christmas books that I've reviewed before, and C has been continuing to read The Cat on the Mat is Flat, which he loves. What have you been reading with your children this week? Hop on over to Mouse Grows Mouse Learns to share!


  1. Thanks for joining again this week. I totally understand what you mean about "nothing too frightening". My daughter goes through those phases every so often when she wants no kind of mischief or so much as a minor accident in her books. This limits our reading choices quite a bit :)

  2. I keep not following through on getting chapter books for my kids to try. Thanks for reminding me to look for some.


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